Tuesday, February 15, 2011

55 Fantastic Promotional Companies

Promotional Companies are a great place to find various Random Day Jobs.  There are many promotional companies that provide nationwide services for their clients and therefore look for Brand Ambassadors all over the country (Note Brand Ambassadors are friendly folks, both male and female hired to personally interact with the public).  The responsibilities of a Brand Ambassador usually include the following:

·         Increase Product Awareness
·         Provide Product Information
·         Give out Samples, Information or Product Related Gifts

If you are outgoing and enjoy interacting with people, developing a relationship with these companies might be a great way to make some extra money.  You can accept or decline jobs based on your availability.  The hours, days, rate, location and product will most likely change with every job. 

Below are several promotional companies I would recommend checking out:

      24. GT Events
      25. Fusion Event Staffing
      26. Ahead of the Pace
      27. Adelante Live
      28. Tradeshow Models
      29. Street Team Promotion
      30. Signature Marketing
      31. Planet Promotions
      32. Triple Point
      33. Bortz Group
      34. Hype Promotions
      35. Premier Image Agency
      36. Direction
      37. Coppertones
      38. All Around Talent
      39. The Hype Agency
      41. Staying Connected

Who am I missing?  Please let me know what companies I should add!

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Dominique Jackson said...

Two of these companies have "non-complete" clauses in their contracts that would forbid you from working with other companies.



More may have the same type of clauses, I just only noticed 2 so far.

Wish I would've been looking closer at some of the other agreements.

Just an FYI!

Greer Carlson said...


Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I wanted to get the facts straight, so I emailed both All Around Talent and Adelante Live about the issue. So far, no response from All Around Talent. But Janice from Adelante Live was more than happy to claify their contract. I have a post coming out tomorrow or Monday, but basically, you CAN work with other promotional companies with Adelante Live. They just don't want you stealing clients and starting your own company.

Greer Carlson said...

Oh, and my website has moved!! Check out the new site - www.randomdayjob.com! Thanks :)