Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cash For Online Survey's

Currently, I'm stuck in the middle of no where Missouri.  We are only here for a few more days.  So, with limited outside resources to make some extra cash, I've turned to the Internet.

I signed up for a website called  This website features offers and surveys for cash.  It's a totally legit company based on several reviews, but I can can tell this online survey stuff is not for me!  You have to give them WAY to much information.  Email, address, telephone number and some even want a credit card.  The payoff's are around .50-.75 cents per survey.

I worked on the site for 2 hours, made $2 and had about 35 new spam emails in my account.  Then, it took another 30 minutes to unsubscribe from the spam email lists.  I am not judging the character of the company, but personally it's not worth it to me.  Even if I sent the emails to a bogus account, it takes too much time for little reward.  Oh, and I have to make $20 before the company will send a check.

At my rate, I'll be working for 20 hours for $20 and with 350 new spam emails.  There has to be a better use of my time!

Random Day Job - Online Surveys - NO WAY!

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Greer said...

BTW...this got worse!!! Several phone calls and spam emails from many companies. PLEASE don't waste your time. I was afraid my identity might get stolen after this ordeal (thank goodness for Lifelock!)