Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New City - Tucson, AZ

What a crazy few weeks.  Moved from MO to GA and now AZ in less than 2 weeks!  Five days after arriving in Tucson, I actually hosted my first Thanksgiving.  I was nervous everything wouldn't get done, but it turned out better than I expected!  Now that we are settled, I'm back to finding work.

The random day job in Tucson.  Day 1....

First, I posted some unwanted books on Amazon.com.  Always a great way to make some extra cash after a move.  If I haven't missed those books in over a year, then I would rather have the cash!  Otherwise, it will sit around, collect dust, and we'll just move it to the next spot.

In the first two days, I sold 4 books!  The total profit of the 4 books was $43.21.  Not bad for old books I won't ever read again.

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