Saturday, November 6, 2010

Random Day Job

My life is Random.  More random than I would have ever dreamed.  Before I married, my work life was crazy.  All freelance.  All contract.  All the time.  But, then again, that's when the economy was up and people could make money just by looking at it! 

Then, I got married.  To an amazing guy, but this amazing guy had a job that moved us around.  Seven times in less than two years to be exact.  Moving that many times doesn't exactly create success in a career!  Employers think you are flaky, unreliable and non-dependable.

Not to mention, the unemployment rate is at an all time high.  Currently, 9.6% to be exact.  So, there are more people competing for jobs than jobs that are available.

Here's my idea.  What if I could make a steady income off of random day jobs?  I don't want the government to create more jobs.  I want Americans to Dream, like they do best, and create their own.

I'm going to share my journey.  Hopefully, I can make some $$$, but at the absolute least, maybe I can inspire someone who needs to pay off some debt or come up with some extra cash to get creative and make it happen for themselves instead of waiting for the government to send them a check.

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