Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Coke Zero Promo

Today was my first of two days with the Coke Zero Promo.  It was actually super fun.  No bimbos or liquor shots to pour.  Just good ole fashion fun!  University of Arizona students scored a free Coke Zero, no strings attached!  It was fantastic.

Oh, and after just one day, I got a raise!  I have been promoted to Team Lead.  Woohoo!  Just means everyone checks in with me, but it's an extra $2/hour for me.  Not too bad :)  I'm stoked!

This particular promotion is managed by a company called Redline Staffing.  Redline is based out of North Carolina, but works on promotions all over the US.  Check out their website and become a "Redliner" in your area!

***Interested in working as a Brand Ambassador?  Click here for more info***

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