Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hair Show

Dec 7, 2010

I'm a little late posting this one, but last week I came across a posting for a Hair Show Model.  In all honesty, I was in desperate need of a cut and color!!  With Christmas just a few weeks away, I didn't think I could justify spending $150 on the much needed job.

So, this random job was just what I needed!!  A salon called Toni & Guy was launching several new haircuts.  They needed people to rock the new hair cut while they taught their employees how to do it.  I knew from the beginning what I was getting into....they would keep my length, but create some killer bangs.  The color was going to be pretty natural (cinnamon with blonde highlights around my face).

I was all over this one!  In Atlanta, I was too afraid to participate in a hair show because my headshot needed to look exactly like me.  Now that we are in Arizona, I'm ready to give the hair show a go!!

I received a fantastic haircut and color.  My stylist were top of their game and I would have paid well over $200 (without tip) for the cut and color.  Though I was not paid, the luxury service was well with my time!

Here are a few pics of my new west coast look....

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