Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Check with Chegg

Chegg is the #1 company offering college students the option to RENT instead of BUY textbooks each semester.  Textbooks can be pretty expensive with fractional return on the resale.  So, Chegg sounds like a really good option!  And, if you decide at the end of the semester you want to buy the book....you can!

Next week Monday, Jan. 10th - Saturday Jan 15th Chegg will be promoting its services on the University of Arizona's Campus in Tucson.  I'll be working Thursday and Friday as a Brand Ambassador, but the rest of crew will be around all week.  I'm excited about this random job!  Looking forward to the opportunity to promote Chegg's services.

Chegg will be in my area next week, but there is a nationwide campus tour the entire month of January!  Some additional Universities where you might find the Chegg crew include Kennesaw State, Villanova, Bowling Green, Fresno State and many more!  If you are interested in working in your area, check out Makai Events for more information!

And one more thing....Chegg plants a tree for every rental order!  Over THREE MILLION trees have been planted so far.

***Interested in working as a Brand Ambassador?  Click here for more info***

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