Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Money Saving Tip - Insurance

I’ve mentioned before that my husband and I recently moved to AZ from GA.  Today, I finally got around to calling our insurance provider, USAA (btw…FANTASTIC company!!)  Anyway, my phone call resulted in some major insurance savings!!  Would you be happy with saving $478.71 annually?! 
Basically, we saved $386.39 on our car insurance, $64 on our valuable personal property insurance, DOUBLED our renters insurance and still saved $28.35.  For a total savings of $478.71 annually!!  Not bad for a 20 minute phone call.
It got me thinking….who else is missing the savings on their insurance policies?  Here are a few items to check on to possibly save some extra cash:
-          Are you a member of AAA or AARP?
-          Are all of your insurance policies (car, home, renters, landlord, valuable property, etc.) held by the same company?
-          Do you have auto safety features?  Including antilock brakes, automatic seatbelts or airbags? Or an alarm system or smoke detectors in your home?
-          What is your deductible?  Usually, you can assume a higher deductible and save on the annual rate.
-          Is your car older?  Make sure your coverage does not exceed the value of your car.  No point in paying a higher rate than the worth of your car!
-          Don’t be afraid to shop around for lower quotes.  You can check out to compare rates.  Many companies will offer a lower rate, just to land you as a customer!

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