Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jury Duty

Not really, but I did sign up for a Mock Jury Duty at the University of Arizona College of Law.  I have never been apart of anything like this, but the experience and Target gift card perked my interest!  A professor there is working on a study about how jurors make decisions.

Over 40 mock jurors met in the University of Arizona Law Library for the study.  Each juror was to watch a courtroom case and constantly rate who they believe should win the case - the defendant or the plaintiff.  Nothing was set in stone and your opinion could change as more information and testimonies were revealed.  After the video, the jurors would be brought together to discuss and decide a verdict for the case.

I assume the study deals with what people think while listening to a case and then what direction they ultimately vote once in the deliberation room.  Of course, I don't know that for sure, but it's a guess!

Of course, my computer and the one next to me were malfunctioning.  After several refreshed pages and a couple of computer reboots, no luck!  I was let go after 30 mins (the study was supposed to take 2 hours).  Thankfully, I didn't leave empty handed!  The nice people at the University of Arizona Law School still gave me the Target gift card.  Score!

Not bad for a Random 30 Min Day Job :)

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