Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chegg it Out

Today was my first of two days working with Chegg.  What an incredible your textbooks instead of buying them!  Most college students save almost 60%.  I wish this website was around when I was a college student!! 

Here is the skinny -

1. Order textbooks at & the books are shipped to your home or local campus bookstore.
2. Unhappy with the book or drop the class, you have 21 days to return.  Only $5 return fee.
3. Happy with the book, use it all semester!  Then mail it back to Chegg afterward.

Chegg plants a tree every time you order a book.  Over 3 Million trees have been planted so far!  Plus, if you have old textbooks you no longer use, sell them to Chegg and earn some extra cash.

I will be back with Chegg again tomorrow.  This was a 5 day job, but I am only working with them for 2 days.  Regardless, here are a few pictures from today. 

                                                Chegg Chairs...a HUGE hit with the students!!
                                          My friend Katie, in front of Chegg laptops.
                                      The Chegg mascot, Shelly and me.  She is adorable!

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