Monday, April 4, 2011

Follow Casting Directors with Social Media

In order to continue booking Random Day Jobs, I must always be on my toes.  Brainstorming and cultivating new ways to create business is all part of the game.  Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter have been a complete game changer for all businesses and you certainly do not want to miss out!

As I've mentioned before, my experience includes a great deal of on camera work including commercials, corporate videos and hosting gigs.  Most jobs, I have found through a trusted agency, but I have also found many on my own through the years as well.

When I first arrived in Tucson, I did my best to find a local agent.  Only to arrive at several dead ends as I mentioned here in another post.  There are definitely legit agencies in Phoenix, but I wasn't excited about the 2 hour drive on a regular basis.  A good relationship with an agency takes time to grow and in the beginning your answer should be YES to almost everything!  My time here in Tucson is coming a close with ONLY 9 weeks remaining, so a Phoenix agent just isn't the right answer for me.

Regardless, I did not want to give up hope.  So, I used social media outlets to explore casting directors in the AZ area.  Turns out, the best local casting director, Good Faith Casting located in Phoenix, actually posts audition notices on Facebook and Twitter!  You can also subscribe to emails on her website for additional information.  Best part?  You don't need an agent.

Obviously, read the sides very carefully to make sure you fit the profile and follow the submission directions.  Good Faith Casting gives you all the information you need to submit yourself - casting profile, audition and shoot date, plus the rate.  Casting directors are really busy and it's annoying to shift through ridiculous submissions.  So, DO NOT submit yourself if you don't fit the profile, are unable to make the audition or shoot date.  It's a quick way for a casting director to label you as unprofessional and not consider you in the future.
I think finding casting notices through social media is a fantastic concept for casting directors and actors.  It allows actors to submit themselves for castings and personally, I do not worry about breaking an agency relationship since I will be moving soon. 

This makes me think....what other agencies and casting directors are using social media to announce casting calls?  It would be a great benefit to search both Facebook and Twitter to find out who is using social media for castings in your area.  If you find some, let me know and I'll share the love :)

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