Monday, April 25, 2011

Promotional Job Photo Tips

Pictures are ALWAYS a good idea when working a promotion.  Many companies will ask for pictures mainly to ensure you worked the job, but also to show pictures to clients or post on facebook, the company website, etc.  But, not all pictures are good ones.  There are a few tips to remember when taking a photo during a promotion.

Picture Do's:
  • Consumer Interaction - Make sure the picture shows a brand ambassador interacting with the potential customer.  Smiles, sampling and handing out swag are all great photo opportunities.
  • Consumers in Target Demographic - Make sure the consumer in the picture is the target audience.  The company wants to know you are focusing time and effort on the right people.
  • Product Facing Camera - Remember the product!  Always have the product, sample or any item related to the promotion facing camera.  The picture has no value without the product in clear view.
Last Friday, I FINALLY worked a promotion for Dos Equis!  I mentioned Heineken as an upcoming repeat client in a previous post, but I missed 3 weeks of jobs due to catching a nasty desert virus called Valley Fever.  Anyway, now that I'm feeling better, I'm back on the Heineken roster and below is an example of a good promotional picture...

First of all, I'm smiling and interacting with a happy consumer by handing him a Dos Equis.  The customer is within the target audience (people between the ages of 21-35) and the Dos Equis label is clearly facing the camera.  Extra points for the table flag and an arm full of promotional swag such as the beads and drums.  The client should be happy with this picture!

Picture Do Not's:

  • Posing with a Competitive Brand - NEVER let a competing brand make it into a photo.  You are hired to promote one brand and one brand only! So make sure all brand labels are visible!
  • Taking Photos with No Flash - Dark pictures make it hard to see and often are not usable.
  • Taking Pictures with Non Target Audience - There is no point in promoting a product to someone who cannot, will not or should not be using it.  Also, make sure the consumer is enjoying the product!
  • Taking Pictures of People Making Rude or Obscene Gestures - Use discretion.  No middle fingers, bunny ears, etc.
Here is another picture from Friday's job.  Can you identify any problems?

Problem Number One?  I have two draft beers in my hand.  There is NO WAY to know the beer is Dos Equis.  It could be anything.  Also, the table flag is turned backwards and the guys don't really look very excited to be getting a free beer!  This is not a great photo.  If I didn't know better, I would assume I was the waitress, not a Dos Equis Brand Ambassador!!

Do you take pictures on your promotions?  What seems to work and not work for you?

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Jessica said...

I work many events alone, and I find it really difficult to get a picture taken. Do you have any pointers for this?

Greer Carlson said...

Hi Jessica,

I completely understand! It can absolutely be hard to get pictures when it's just you. Honestly, I've found it's best to feel out the customer. When someone seems friendly and not in a rush, I ask if they would mine taking a picture for me. Also, if a group is willing, I ask if one person will take the picture while the others pose in the picture. Usually, people are very willing to help as long as they are not in a hurry. Hope this helps!!