Thursday, April 21, 2011

6 Casting Websites Every Actor Should Know

In today's world, it's every actor's responsibility to take control of their career.  Definitely find yourself a quality talent agent, but don't just sit back and hope work finds you!  There are several resources including websites and social media that can kick start or continue building your career.  I've mentioned a few acting websites in the past here and here.

Checking the websites daily is a great start, but you should also consider following the casting websites through social media as well.  I'm sort of on a social media kick this week and want to make sure actors are not missing any opportunities!

Here are the 6 Casting Websites every actor should know (and follow through social networks)!!

1. Actors Access - Follow on Facebook and Twitter
2. Backstage - Follow on Facebook and Twitter 
3. Now Casting - Follow on Facebook and Twitter
4. 800 Casting - Follow on Facebook
5. Reality Wanted - Follow on Facebook and Twitter
6. Mandy - Follow on Facebook and Twitter

Let me know if I am missing any LEGIT casting websites, but this will give actors a great start!

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Brandi Ford said...

Good post! The only ones I'd disagree with are Explore Talent {they're known for scamming actors and continuing to charge their cards after their service has been discontinued} and 800 Casting. I'd also add Casting Networks as they're the number 1 site for commercial casting, at least for LA and NY.

Greer Carlson said...

Thanks so much Brandi, really appreciate your input! I had the most luck with 800 Casting with an agent and have been booked through the site many times, but there is no way to submit or browse castings yourself. I didn't know that about Explore Talent, so thanks so much for the tip - apparently, I need to BE CAREFUL. I also look forward to checking out Casting Networks.

BTW...I came across your blog the other day. Good stuff :)

quernzy said...

thanks for the post! yes - Explore Talent should be on your 'SCAM websites every actor should know'. They basically steal legit castings from the other casting sites and craigslist, change information and charge actors for access. Your money is better spent on Actors Access, Casting Networks and Nowcasting...

Greer Carlson said...


Alright, it's official...I'm taking Explore Talent off the list. I would NEVER want to lead anyone astray :) Thanks for the advice ladies!!

Anonymous said...

My daughter is on Casting Networks and it has been very helpful!

Tina said...

On Location Casting is amazing! I have had several opportunities to work on feature films as an extra with them. They do offer "upgrades" on the website, but as long as you have a basic profile, they are able to see your info, and the upgrade is NOT manditory, and they let you know this. I agree with Brandi about Explore Talent. I almost paid to sumbit my daughter for a role, and I actually got to submit her directly to the casting director via a post on my state's film department website... without the "help" from Explore Talent.

Greer Carlson said...


Thanks for the heads up about On Location Casting. I'll checkout the website.

Eric said...

I know this is a bit late, but TalentSoup is also a great site. We fancy ourselves as more of a marketplace for talent than a casting site, but we put people to work, with real brands, and get them paid fast. And our site is beautiful, if I do say so!

Tasha said...

In December I learned J.Pervis Talent Agency in ATL had opened an extras department, so I submitted an email to them and they responded, and had me sign release paperwork etc, and set me up with a profile on 800 Castings. That seemed fine, but I recently received an email from a random email address, that said 'Powered by 800 Casting' at the bottom, inviting me to a paid audition in New York in March. The email was very vague about what the audition was for but I decided to respond anyways. According to the information in the email, the audition is four days long, five hours a day for $50 an hour. The part that seems sketch to me is that the email asked for my address etc, so that they could mail me a check for $3000, with instructions for me to deduct $500 and that I would get another email with the information for the booking agent etc. Since auditions are new to me, I just found it odd that I would be given a check to cash and send money to the booking agent. It just seemed like other scams where a fake check is mailed out, and when it is cashed, most of it is sent to someone else, and then it bounces, leaving the person who cashed it owing hundreds to thousands of dollars back to their bank. Does this seem sketchy for an audition, especially for an aspiring actress with no professional experience?

Kemcy Ica said...

Its more than sketchy. As much as you want to work this is not good.
Try connecting with someone local in your area that is not too pricey. You may be new but dont be foolish. You just may need a little guidance.
Your better off going to a JRP or Elite if you don't know what you are doing or email us for advice our office would send give you a referral.

Anonymous said...

Please delete that post from Tina. She works for On Location Casting as their extras casting so her review is biased. Her name is Tina Kerr. Look it up!

Ashley Thompson said... is a website actors should definitely signup for.