Monday, February 14, 2011

Casting Websites

Many of my Random Day Jobs have involved on-camera work.  If you are looking to get involved with commercials, corporate videos, films, television or acting in general; here are a few legit websites that are worth checking out:
1.       Actors Access – On this website, you can create a profile that includes a resume and headshot for free.  Demo reels can also be downloaded for a fee.  Depending on where you live, you can check out breakdowns in your area.  The regions of interest include: Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, Texas, Southeast, Florida, Hawaii, Mountain Region (Mainly CO, UT), Northwest and Mid-Atlantic. 
You can submit for free, but if a follow-up video audition is needed, it will cost a few bucks (tip - save your receipt and use the fee as a tax write off!)
2.       800 CastingThis website is really only good if you have an agent.  They will give you an agent code to sign up.  Most casting directors are taking mainly electronic submissions these days and 800 casting is very popular.  BTW…if your agency doesn’t have a website or use a program like this, you might want to look for new representation!

The site does have a yearly fee of $29.95 (which you can also use as a tax write off), but allows you to post a resume, photos and reels to the site.  Even living out of town, I have booked jobs through my agency from this site.  I didn’t even need to audition and the rate was high enough that it was worth flying home!

3.       Now Casting – This website is free to download a headshot and resume.   The database and electronic submission service is FREE.  There is no fee, ever.  You can search the database for upcoming jobs in your area and submit yourself for the job.
Obviously, big city people will benefit more from these websites more than small town folks, but that’s just the TV Biz!  Since my current location is Tucson, I’m pretty limited with the sites, but still check them out on a regular basis!
And one more thing…if you have any special skills, make sure to list them on your resume!  This will dramatically increase your ability to book certain roles.  If you play the guitar and the casting director must have someone who plays the guitar, they will pass you up unless guitar is clearly listed as one of your skills!
Do you have a casting website you really like?  If so, share the love!  If it’s legit, I will happily add it to my list.

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