Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You CAN Be Selective

Just because I pick up Random Day Jobs doesn't mean I say yes to every job that comes my way.  I had a great meeting with Temp Connection and really like the staff, what a quality place! 

Actually, there was an opportunity to pick up a 5-6 six week job right away, but the office was pretty far from our house, the pay was low and the job was calling people all day long.  Obviously, I want to work and make a good impression with Temp Connection.  On the other hand, I already have a few jobs in the mix over the next few weeks and I hated to forfeit them for one that didn't pay well or sound very interesting.

So, I passed on the job and it felt great.  What a valuable lesson.  I don't need to always say yes to everything that comes along.  Remember, if I keep networking and looking for new jobs.  Then, I have options and don't have to jump at every offer that comes my way!

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