Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Always Check your Receipt!

Today, I'm shopping in CVS to pick up some much needed toiletries. I almost always buy whats on sale, items that offer CVS Extra Care Bucks or whatever coupon is the best deal. Coupon shopping gives me such a rush, it's almost a game in my opinion and I thoroughly enjoy the process.

To make sure I don't over spend, I typically take a tally in my head and to ensure it adds up when I check out. For some reason, I didn't tally today, which was my first mistake! Regardless, I remembered buying one item ONLY because it was BOGO (Buy One Get One), otherwise it would have been too pricey.

When the cashier gave me the total, I thought it was high, but didn't do anything about it. About half way home, it occurred to me that maybe I should check my receipt. Sure enough, the cashier had not given me the second item for free, but instead charged me for both!

I could have just let it go, but I watch every dollar I spend. So, I decided to turn back around and ask the cashier to adjust the price. Of course, the cashier fixed problem right away. It felt really good to find the mistake and have my $4 back!

This made me think, how many times has this happened? I MUST check my receipts from now on!

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