Friday, March 18, 2011


DressCode is a local clothing store in Tucson that also has a strong online presence.  The boutique's focus is fashion inspired by music.  Therefore, brands like Affliction, David Bowie, Diesel, Tripp NYC, Opeth, Sublime and Yellowcard can all be found in the store.

You've shopped online, right?  Usually, there is a person wearing the items you are interested in purchasing.  I had the pleasure of being that person for DressCode.  I tried on every new arrival and did my best to rock each style!  Lots of super funky, fun t-shirts (soft and long), hoodies, skinny jeans, mini shirts and more!  I definitely felt like a rock star.

Hopefully, DressCode will ask me back.  Regardless, I was happy to sport their new arrivals and work another Random Day Job!  I wonder if other boutiques in town (or maybe in your area) need someone to model the new arrivals?  I bet they do :)

***Want more Dress Code?  Click here***

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