Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'll take the Store Credit!

Every Spring and Fall I vow to organize my closet and sell or donate anything I'm not using.  In the past, I've sold many items on Ebay, but only the top name brands sell well. 

There were a few items in my closet I didn't see myself wearing anymore, but they were still in good condition.  The brands were decent, but not high end enough to sell online.  So, I decided to hit up a shop/sell/trade store in Tucson called Twice-as-Nice (In Atlanta, there is Plato's Closet, most cities have something of the sort).

Anyway, Twice-as-Nice was interested in 2 tops, 2 dresses, 2 necklaces and 3 bracelets of mine.  They offered $10.50 cash or $30 store credit.  To better capitalize on my trade, I took the store credit!  With Spring creeping up, I knew I would want to buy a few items. 

It felt really good to clear out my closet.  Now, I have a little credit for clothes without spending extra cash!

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