Thursday, March 3, 2011

What do you do?

I hate this question.  Mainly, because I have no idea how I should answer.  Most of the time, people are just being polite and want to get to know me better.  It's a typical, generic question that most people can quickly answer.  It shouldn't be hard.  Not for me, my jobs change all of the time and it's difficult to define.  Sometimes work is really busy, sometimes it's slow.  One day I'm working for one company and the next day it's something new.

As a result, when I'm asked the question, I always feel insecure.  Usually, I'll blabber out the first thing that pops in my head and try to move on to another question.  People are typically looking for a quick response, not a 20 minute monologue of the jobs I've been working on or have worked on the past.

Another question I find difficult to answer - What does your typical day look like?  Typical day...hmm, I have no typical day!  The only consistent factors in my day are walking the dogs, exercising and making dinner.  Other than that, it changes every day!

Maybe next time I should answer like this:

Typical day?  Well, I'm either working on a job or looking for a job.  The jobs can range from local promotions, auditions for on camera jobs, shooting an on camera job, temp work, administrative work, etc.  I keep accurate records of invoices, receipts, mileage logs, payments, etc.  Hours vary with every job.  Rates vary with every job. Work days vary with every job.  Usually, I write on my blog, twitter and random ideas and thoughts in case I can ever gather the courage to put a book together.  I apply with various promotional and tradeshow companies in case they are looking for brand ambassadors in my area.  I contact local production companies to see if they need to hire local talent for any upcoming projects.  I email past clients back east to see if they need my services again.  I read books about entrepreneurship, business and money.  I'm always looking for ways to save money.  I'm always looking for something in my house I no longer need that I can sell.  I clip coupons.  I brainstorm about new ways to make money.  Well, I suppose that is my typical day!

Can you imagine?   The person asking the question would either 1. be asleep or 2. think I'm crazy.

Does anyone else ever struggle with the definition of what you do?  I would love to hear about it!


Molly Hargather said...

I love this. :) Miss you guys!!

Greer Carlson said...

Miss you too! BTW....just ran across a picture of Jamie with long curly hair, its so cute. He is also missing a shirt and totally ripped!!

Greer Carlson said...

Btw...I was asked this question today, after I wrote the post. Unbelievable!!