Thursday, March 31, 2011

Patience in Payment

Steady jobs provide steady income.  Every 2 weeks or the 15th and 30th of every month, a check arrives.  You can plan and budget pretty easily.  Let's be honest, a freelancers payment lifestyle is not that easy.  It can be one of the drawbacks to the freelance lifestyle, but it doesn't have to be. 

In many cases, freelance jobs will take at least 30 and up to 90 days before you receive payment.  With the average time probably being around 60 days. 

Here's a hypothetical example (note: both the product & company are not real).   The Corporate office of Sassy Sauce has hired a promotional company, Can Do Promotions, to execute events all over the country.  Can Do Promotions, has hired you as a Brand Ambassador in your City.  You work a promotion for Sassy Sauce . After the event, you submit a time sheet to Can Do Promotions, who then sends an invoice to Sassy Sauce.  Once everything has gone through the chain of command in pay roll, Sassy Sauce sends a check to Can Do Promotions, who then sends a check to you!

Since there are so may companies to go through, the process will take some time.  That's why I highly encourage a reserve fund and creating a steady flow of jobs.  Once you get going, there is a cycle.  As long as you are working, you are giving yourself a pay check down the road.  You receive a check today for a job you work 60 days ago, but to you are working a job today you will be paid for in 60 days.  The more jobs and multiple streams of incomes you create, the better off you will be in between paychecks!

So, don't worry if it's been 30 days and you haven't seen the payment yet.  Maybe send a gentle email reminder, but usually, the company you worked with is waiting to get paid as well.  The more you understand the process, the better you can prepare and plan your finances.

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