Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Missing Jobs due to Laziness?

Yesterday, I received an email from a client I worked with 3 years ago, Sagepath, Inc.  It was a virtual tour for Napa Auto Parts, which included both video and voiceover.  When we shot the video, Napa offered 375,000 parts, but now the selection has grown to 420,000.  Therefore, the voiceover needed to be corrected.

With the beauty of technology, I now can record a voiceover from across the country!  I have been meaning to buy a microphone for my laptop for some time now.  But, I've been lazy about it and never did anything.  Now, I have a reason to buy a mic!  Voiceover is something I did from time to time in Atlanta, but with the correct equipment, I could be working in voiceover from anywhere in the country.  Websites like http://www.elance.com/ offer an entire job section to VO.  My laziness in purchasing a microphone is keeping me from booking more jobs!

Thankfully, I wised up and bought a mic from Radio Shack (only $30) and downloaded a free audio program to record, edit and email the final clips.  Now that I have the right equipment, I will be able to apply for more VO jobs.  And hopefully, be able to create another stream of income. 

This makes me think, what else am I being lazy about?  Have you ever been lazy about creating a new job opportunity?  Hopefully, this experience will teach me to be more proactive!

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