Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crazy Craigslist

Day 2. 

Craigslist is a must for the random day job.  Today, I came across a "Brand Ambassador" for a Coke Zero promotion.  Two day/5 hour job/$15 hour (Total of $150 for two days). 

The promotion starts tomorrow, so I figured it is probably booked.  Regardless, I sent along my information....just in case!

Lucky me!  One of the promotional girls had an "emergency" and backed out of the job.  This left one open spot.  The company called tonight and I'm booked for two days starting tomorrow.

I would call that a success in Randon Day Job world!

Coke Zero, here I come!

New City - Tucson, AZ

What a crazy few weeks.  Moved from MO to GA and now AZ in less than 2 weeks!  Five days after arriving in Tucson, I actually hosted my first Thanksgiving.  I was nervous everything wouldn't get done, but it turned out better than I expected!  Now that we are settled, I'm back to finding work.

The random day job in Tucson.  Day 1....

First, I posted some unwanted books on Amazon.com.  Always a great way to make some extra cash after a move.  If I haven't missed those books in over a year, then I would rather have the cash!  Otherwise, it will sit around, collect dust, and we'll just move it to the next spot.

In the first two days, I sold 4 books!  The total profit of the 4 books was $43.21.  Not bad for old books I won't ever read again.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Social Media On-Camera Personality

Now this is completely my style!  About a week ago, I came across a Craigslist posting for an On-Camera Social Media Personality.  The gig hits 8 cities in 8 weeks to promote Houlihan's and VH1's Save the Music Foundation.  Sounds like a cool job promoting a fantastic cause!

Anyway, I applied and to my excitement, they actually called today.  Fortunately, I passed the phone interview and will be meeting the marketing team tomorrow for lunch.

I'm crossing my fingers on this one!  I would be stoked the land this job :)

Oh, check out the companies website....they work on marketing some super cool companies!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cash For Online Survey's

Currently, I'm stuck in the middle of no where Missouri.  We are only here for a few more days.  So, with limited outside resources to make some extra cash, I've turned to the Internet.

I signed up for a website called CashCrate.com.  This website features offers and surveys for cash.  It's a totally legit company based on several reviews, but I can can tell this online survey stuff is not for me!  You have to give them WAY to much information.  Email, address, telephone number and some even want a credit card.  The payoff's are around .50-.75 cents per survey.

I worked on the site for 2 hours, made $2 and had about 35 new spam emails in my account.  Then, it took another 30 minutes to unsubscribe from the spam email lists.  I am not judging the character of the company, but personally it's not worth it to me.  Even if I sent the emails to a bogus account, it takes too much time for little reward.  Oh, and I have to make $20 before the company will send a check.

At my rate, I'll be working for 20 hours for $20 and with 350 new spam emails.  There has to be a better use of my time!

Random Day Job - Online Surveys - NO WAY!

Random Day Job

My life is Random.  More random than I would have ever dreamed.  Before I married, my work life was crazy.  All freelance.  All contract.  All the time.  But, then again, that's when the economy was up and people could make money just by looking at it! 

Then, I got married.  To an amazing guy, but this amazing guy had a job that moved us around.  Seven times in less than two years to be exact.  Moving that many times doesn't exactly create success in a career!  Employers think you are flaky, unreliable and non-dependable.

Not to mention, the unemployment rate is at an all time high.  Currently, 9.6% to be exact.  So, there are more people competing for jobs than jobs that are available.

Here's my idea.  What if I could make a steady income off of random day jobs?  I don't want the government to create more jobs.  I want Americans to Dream, like they do best, and create their own.

I'm going to share my journey.  Hopefully, I can make some $$$, but at the absolute least, maybe I can inspire someone who needs to pay off some debt or come up with some extra cash to get creative and make it happen for themselves instead of waiting for the government to send them a check.