My Random Day Job Journey

Since 2003, when I graduated from Clemson University, I have ALWAYS had random jobs.  To date, I have not been a full time employee to anyone, though I have worked very hard for many companies. 

My experience with Random Day Jobs includes a great deal of television; both in front and behind the camera.  I have worked on many commercials, corporate videos, hosting and reporting gigs.  And behind the scenes, I have been a Production Coordinator, Production Assistant and Casting Assistant.

Over the years (and a lot as of late) I have worked many trade shows and promotional events.  My journey mainly consists of these type of jobs and bounces between the categories usually depending on where I am living!  That's just how the Random Day Job fits into my life. 

Other jobs that add to my randomness resume include: Asphalt Sales, Retail Sales (Nicole Miller, Michael Kors and Kla) and Real Estate.  Yep, I'm random! 

Everyone is different and your Random Day Job experiences may be different from mine.  I am always open to new job ideas and would LOVE to hear about your Random Day Job experiences!