Thursday, May 5, 2011

Event Speak

In my own search to find a steady flow of Random Day Jobs, it's been crucial to spend time actually looking for jobs.  But let's face it, visiting every promotional website for new jobs can be extremely time consuming and who has time for that?!  Lucky for us there is a website that does the work for us.  It's called Event Speak.  I asked the owner of Event Speak, James Trivlis, to give us the skinny....


In 2005, was created to offer FREE resources to everyone in the Event Marketing Promo Industry. It started as a small forum and we quickly realized there was an even bigger need for a job board.  That takes us to where the site is today.

Here are a few of the Free services Event Speak offers:

-Free job board for any Company, Brand, Staffing agency or simply anyone that has a need they feel the members of the community can fill.

-Free Resume section where talent can create or upload a resume and photos.  Employers can search this database by city and state and hire you in just a few clicks.

-Free Marketing Directory with over 250 active company listings. We check each
link to make sure the company is still in business. This industry moves fast and
companies come and go.

- A Forum that has turned in to a major resource for the Marketing industry. Find out
what other promo people in the industry have to say about what they do! From
information on staffing and marketing companies to the best way to land your
next gig.

For a Free membership sign up at

We have recently learned that job seekers are not the only ones that use the site. About 10% of our users are the clients and brands looking for information on who they should hire for their next great marketing campaign. Once they find the right agency, they hire them and jobs are then created for all the seekers to find.

There are over 300 new jobs posted weekly by over 500 of the largest marketing agencies and staffing agencies in the USA and Canada. These jobs only have a life span of a few days so anyone in this industry knows you need to be fast at being the first one to the table.

Thanks for the blog post Greer and we over here at look forward to a long relationship with your site.

As you can see, Event Speak is a great resource for anyone looking to find a Random Day Job!  You can also follow Event Speak on Facebook and Twitter!!  Thanks for the info James :)

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Shiron Bell said...

EventSpeak is cool, but personally I prefer MarketingGigs for event jobs. Check them out