Monday, May 2, 2011

Maintenance is a MUST

Working Random Day Jobs usually means you are bouncing from one job to another, meeting new people with almost every gig.  A good first impression is crucial for getting hired again.  Plus, you are representing a product, so the client has certain expectations and standards to uphold.

When working as a brand ambassador, promotional model, actor, spokesperson, etc it is very important to maintain a clean and tidy appearance.  Clean hair and nails, appropriate makeup, crisp shirts and shorts or pants, clean shoes, etc. are all part of the job.

Maintenance is a MUST. 
  • If you color your hair, watch the roots!  Get a touch-up or colored again when your natural hair color begins to grow out. 
  • Clean your nails.  You don't need a manicure every week, but cleaning the dirt and filing nails can go a long way.
  • Clean teeth.  A little whitener can go a long way!  Slap on a Crest white strip from time to time.
  • Clean and Crisp shirt and shorts or pants.  Make sure your clothing is clean and pressed or steamed if needed.  Showing up with wrinkled clothing will not impress anyone!
  • Ladies, wear the appropriate amount of make-up.  Are you working an in-store demo?  A fresh, natural face will be perfect.  Or, are you working a beer promo for a bar?  A little more glam may be appropriate.  Think about your client and what you are selling when making up your face.
I am by NO MEANS saying you need to be obsessed with the way you look or dress, but it does play into representing a product.  All I'm saying is that you need to pay attention and try to look your best.  I'm thinking about maintenance today because I'm finally getting my haircut and colored this afternoon (much needed) and an eyebrow wax is also high on my list right now too!  It's all part of the biz.

And the best part?  Save the receipts for any of the above items you spend money on and use them as a tax write off!  You will be glad you did. 

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