Random Day Job Routine

Anybody crazy enough to take on the Random Day Job challenge needs to keep a few essential disciplines in line.  Here are a few things that must become apart of the Random Day Job Routine:

1. Look for Jobs - I am constantly looking for the next job.  Everyday, I dedicate a few minutes to looking for upcoming jobs.  There are several websites that work for me including - http://www.craigslist.com/, http://www.indeed.com/, http://www.elance.com/ and a few promotional websites and acting websites including http://casting.backstage.com/ that I'm a member.  Apply for everything that looks interesting.  You won't book everything you apply for and even after hired, jobs can change or dissolve.  The more contacts you make for upcoming work, the better chance you will work a job.  Stay open minded and don't be afraid to try something new!

Here are a few websites that might work for you:

2. Network - Let people know you are up for hire.  Every time you work a job, ask your co-workers what they do for extra money.  Save their contact information and stay in touch!  They might know about a job a month from now that needs extra hands.  If they have your information, you might be first in line.  Also, make sure your team leader/ manager and the company know that you would like to work for them in the future.  They might hire you personally before looking for workers elsewhere.

3. Be Flexible - Random Day Jobs are constantly changing.  Times, dates, shifts, products, etc. can all change at a moments notice.  Make sure you are flexible with your schedule from project to project or day to day.  This will leave an impression that you are easy to work with and might get you hired again.  If you can't be flexible during a certain project, just make sure to be very clear with the company the exact dates and times you can work.  That way, no one is surprised or disappointed and the client will know exactly what to expect.  Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.

4. Beware - Make sure when applying for jobs online that the company is legit.  Unfortunately, there are many scammers these days.  Always ask questions about the company and make sure to research them on the Internet.  Never give anyone your social security number unless you have done your research.