Monday, May 9, 2011

What Promotional Companies Left a Good Impression?

The previous Random Day Job post below is about the website, Event Speak, where people in the marketing industry can find multiple resources.  One of the resources is a Marketing Forum where people share thoughts, opinions and questions about the industry.  A post called Beloved-Well Managed caught my attention.

It's really easy to head to a forum when you are upset or have a question.  But how many times do we actually take the time to compliment companies for a job well done?  I thought today, maybe we could exchange a few stories about some great interactions and jobs that left a good impression while working with promotional companies.  Here are a few of mine...

  • Cat 'n Mouse Promotions  - The staff at Cat 'n Mouse Promotions is awesome.  They hired me as Team Lead for a Palms Springs Bureau of Tourism job.  They clearly communicated, hired a stellar staff and paid within a WEEK!  Seriously, I was blown away with how fast they mailed the check.  Plus, they were very complimentary and thankful for a job well done.  It was truly a phenomenal experience and I would gladly work for them again.
  • Formula Street, Inc. - I have been impressed with this company from day one.  Before getting hired for the Heineken Team there was both a phone and in-person interview.  Plus, Formula Street, Inc takes pride that you truly know the product.  So, we have an in-person training to really educate the team on the product.  The promotions are well organized, professional and pay extremely well.  Plus, they mail a paycheck every two weeks. Can't beat that!!  
  • Devolutions Solutions - Honestly, I've never actually worked for Devolution Solutions, but the company made a lasting impression.  I added them to the Random Day Job Fantastic Promotional Company List and they mailed me an awesome swag package with a carton full of Jelly Belly's!  Obviously, I've been a big fan ever since.
  • Productions Plus - I really like Productions Plus because the jobs are high quality.   The work is challenging and you really need to know your stuff!  Plus, since you work hard to learn the product inside and out, they work hard to get you top industry rates.  I had the pleasure to work with Productions Plus on the Honda Civic Study Break and hope many jobs will develop in the future!
What about you?  What promotional companies have left a good impression in your experience?  I would love to hear about the companies that make sure promotions run smoothly or go the extra mile to really make the promotion a good one.  Comment below :)

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