Who is Random Job Day?

Random Day Job is for people who are looking to make money through jobs with short term commitments.  Remember, my journey will consist of what I know including on camera work (commercials, hosting, corporate videos, etc), promotional work as a brand ambassador, writing and new opportunities that arise, but many people can benefit from various random jobs.  Maybe being owned by a corporation or locked down to a certain schedule is not your thing.  Perhaps you need to pay down some debt or would like to save extra cash.  Honestly, there are several reasons someone would be drawn to a Random Day Job.  Here are a few examples:
1.      High School, College or Graduate Student – With class, studies and constant changing social plans, many students do not want a scheduled job.  But, most students are looking for extra money.  If there was a way to pick up work on their own time doing something they enjoy, many would be interested.

2.      Unemployed – Currently, 9.6% of Americans are out of work and looking for jobs.  These people certainly need extra cash!  A full time job might be the ultimate goal, but the bills are piling up quickly.  To ease the unemployment pain, a short term job would provide the opportunity to stay on top of the bills.

3.      Underemployed - A new category of people who are working jobs they are overqualified to perform.  In order to have a job, a pay cut was necessary.  Unfortunately, a decrease in pay does not always result in a declined lifestyle.  It may be necessary for this group to pick up extra jobs in order to maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed.

4.      Military Spouse – Many military spouses have a difficult time finding jobs because they move so often.  Their resumes consist of various companies, trades and gaps of time in between.  It can be really frustrating to constantly explain your resume.  Because of this, many military spouses do not work.  Opportunities for these spouses to make money with no long term commitment works well with their ever changing lifestyle.

5.      Stay at Home Mom – She does not want a full time job because she wants to be home with her kids.  Regardless, many Stay at Home Mom’s would like the opportunity to make money from time to time, but on her own schedule.  It might be nice to give Mom a little confidence that she still possesses the ability to make an income and financially contribute to the family.

6.      People with Debt - Today, the trend is to pay down debt.  Random jobs help people think out of the box to get creative to make extra money.  Maybe this person has a job, but needs extra cash to get a credit card or car paid off.

7.      Savers - This group is just looking for extra cash to build up an emergency fund, save for a car, college, home, whatever!  Opportunities above and beyond the normal 9-5 will help reach their financial goals more quickly.

8.      Retirees – Many people that retire would still like the opportunity to make some extra cash and an activity to keep them busy.  This group is full of people that still need cash to support their golden years! 

9.  Who ELSE?