Random Day Job Ideas

Obviously, random jobs that fit your personality and skill set are best.  One person might be great at designing websites, but another is really outgoing and talkative with the public.  They may not be able to do each other’s job, but they both have the ability to make extra cash with random jobs. 
Here are a few ideas to get you started:
·         Brand Ambassador/Promotions
·         Dog walker/ Pet sitter
·         Construction Projects
·         Nanny/ Babysitter
·         Meals for busy/ working Mom
·         Commercials/TV Extra
·         Errand Runner
·         Voice Over Talent
·         Website Designer
·         Photographer
·         Virtual Assistant
·         House cleaning
·         Haul Junk
·         Handyman
·         Yard work
·         Tradeshow Spokesmodel
·         Graphic Designer
·         Freelance Writer
·         Event Planner
·         Calligrapher
·         Interior Deisgner
·         Set-up/Clean-up Event Crew
·         Interior/Exterior House Painter
·         Substitute Teacher
·         Survey Taker
·         Mystery Shopper

Add to the list, there are many ways to use your skills for a Random Day Job.