Wednesday, April 20, 2011

20 Promotional Companies to Follow with Social Media

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If you are a Promotional Model or Brand Ambassador (or looking to become one), here is a list of the 20 Best Promotional Companies you should be following on BOTH Facebook and Twitter.  It's a great way to stay connected and learn about upcoming jobs in your area!  Click on the links to follow...

1. Attack! Marketing & Promotions - Facebook and Twitter
2. Formula Street, Inc. - Facebook and Twitter
3. Redline Staffing - Facebook and Twitter
4. EventPro Strategies - Facebook and Twitter
5. Cat 'n Mouse Promotions - Facebook and Twitter
6. In Field Promo - Facebook and Twitter
7. 360 Events & Promotions - Facebook and Twitter
8. Triple Point - Facebook and Twitter 
9. Productions Plus - Facebook and Twitter
10. Method Models - Facebook and Twitter
11. CMT Agency - Facebook and Twitter
12. Forte Promotions Group - Facebook and Twitter
13. Fusion Event Staffing - Facebook and Twitter
14. Encore Nationwide - Facebook and Twitter
15. On the Rocks Models - Facebook and Twitter
16. Quickstrike Field Marketing - Facebook and Twitter
17. Adelante Live - Facebook and Twitter
18. Sphynx Marketing & Promotions - Facebook and Twitter
19. 8 Days a Week Staffing & Promotions - Facebook and Twitter
20. GT Events - Facebook and Twitter

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Anonymous said...

This is so neat Greer!! Thanks so much for including us on the list - Rebecca, Redline Staffing

Unknown said...

Greer, GREAT list- Thanks for sharing!

Colin Fleming

James T said...

Great post and another one that puts all those companies event marketing jobs on one page is

Greer Carlson said...

Thanks for the tip James, I'll definitely check out Event Speak!!

Vinny said...

Don't forget us here at Victory Marketing, and :)

Greer Carlson said...

Thanks Vinny! I'll add Victory marketing to my Promotional Company list and start following on facebook & twitter. Thanks so much!!

Lee said...

Yes Vinny is awesome. So is Hannah at Redline and I just had the pleasure of working with Cassandra at ATN.

Unknown said...

Thanks for adding us to your list!

Larry Hess
Encore Nationwide, Inc.

Greer Carlson said...

Lee, sounds like you have some great promotional experience! Share the love if I'm missing a good promo company to follow on social networks! Thanks :)

Hollieschill said...

Don't forget to sign up with Clearly Promotions, we are getting quite busy this year. We pay high and also send checks out within a week or two of the event so we can build a staff of promotional all stars!


Greer Carlson said...


Thanks for the tip on Clearly Promotions, I will certainly check you guys out!!

Unknown said...

There are so many good ones- you got a bunch of the goodies on here. But I gotta add a few.
Kim and her group @ Inspira Marketing, Karyn @ Busy Bee Promotions, Heidi @ Event Specialist Group, Kyle @ Amp Agency, Marisa @ Trilogy Marketing, Tanya @ Action! Events and Promotions, and Kim @ Experience Marketing.

This list of course is endless- but you already have some of my favs in yours. Amanda and Rachel @ Forte, Bobby @ Triple Point, and Robyn @ Quickstrike are all rock stars- and never had anything but postives from Vinny's whole team at Victory.

Then Molly who used to be with ATN has her own company- Best Reps.

Hope this helps ya :)

Greer Carlson said...


You rock! Thanks for the quality add-ons for great promotional companies. I'll definitely check them out. Sounds like you must have lots of experience with promotions, would love to hear more from you!

Unknown said...

Anytime- add me on Facebook-- Nisha Rensel email

Just talked to a new one today- he was nice and organized Michael Mercer with

Greer Carlson said...


Just sent you a friend request. Let's ABSOLUTELY stay in touch!!!

Anonymous said...

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